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Tailored support

Farpoint offers a tailored support service for a wide range of different businesses – whatever your needs, Mark Hooper can develop, maintain and evolve an IT solution to support your business activities and growth.  Services also include network hosting, mail servers, cross-platform integration (Mac and Windows) and the supply of new and used IT equipment.  Many small and medium-sized businesses cannot afford an in-house IT specialist or team and Farpoint offers a monthly support and maintenance package, meaning that Mark (and his 30 years’ worth of experience) is only ever a phone call away.  


Equipment rentals

Farpoint can also supply businesses with key IT equipment on a monthly rental basis – this can help you ensure that you’re utilising the very latest technology without the ongoing major capital outlay and the peace of mind of a maintenance contract sitting alongside the rental agreement.  


To discuss your requirements, or to explore further how Farpoint can become an integral part of your business operation, please contact Mark on 01225 460678 Option 1 or

Experience, Expertise, Service 

"Mark's knowledge and expertise is second to none, he has helped us grow as a business keeping us ahead of the curve and is always on hand to help".

Steve Osborne - Osborne Pike

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